Sunday, September 30, 2007


While my hobby is husbands hobby is off roading. Have you heard of this? Oh well let me explain.....Basically men and women take their trucks places where no car would dare to venture. An example of this would be an old mining road, as well as a field of boulders. Sometimes the two hobbies meet and when they do it looks a little something like this:

Fall has come to Colorado

Here I am in deep concentration waiting for the other trucks to arrive.

That shadowy figure in the passenger seat is me knitting my little heart out. I wanted so badly to wave my knitting out the window for the picture. Then thought what if we roll over and I lose a limb or worse......a stitch!!!

I knit the entire trail. I only had to put my knitting down twice and hold on for dear life aka the "OH SH*T" moments. I'm sure there were other times that I should have put the knitting down and feared for my life, but I like to take risks now and then.

No knitting or humans were harmed in this photo.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sunday Knitting

This is the last time I will be knitting with a knitting group as a "blogless" knitter! :)