Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight - The Movie

I finally had a chance to go see Twilight today. Some parts of the movie were ok but for the most part it was rather lame. I know the books are always going to be better than the movie but I had high hopes for this one. Will I go and see the next movie when it comes out? Maybe. Maybe not.

*Word of advice - Skip the movie and read the books!


Kim said...

Is that a picture of KS *smiling*?!?! Wow, I don't remember seeing that at all in the movie.

I figure I will still get the DVD--I'll just play it muted(RP is very nice to look at).

Anonymous said...

I will be sure to read the book if I get to that point! I keep walking past it in the book shop - is there a paperback copy here in the UK? Hardback is so expensive!

Anonymous said...

Aren't books almost always better?

StarSpry said...

I agree: the books are awesome! I want to go back and re-read them all :)

I'm hoping since the movie did well at the box-office, they might have a bigger budget and the 2nd movie will be better!