Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sock It To Me

Either hell has frozen over or pigs have learned to fly. Why? Because I have FINALLY cast on for a sock. I told you this was going to be the year of the sock. I still have the startitis fever brewing so I just had to cast on for yet another project.

So here are my socks that I am lovingly calling "The Dirty Pirate Socks".....Mmmmmm dirty pirates........sorry my thoughts drifted off. I got the yarn from Middlearthknitter Yarns on Etsy.

The colorway is "Captain Jack"

The sellers description of the yarn is as follows: "I have tried to capture a few elements of the lovely jack here, his black eyeliner, the brown of that famous hat, red bandana, purple of that lovely ring he wears and gold for his tooth of course."

The pattern I am using is one that Sam lent to me. It is just a basic, and I mean bare bones sock pattern. At this point that is good enough for me. I am using a set of metal DPN's that were my grandmothers. I think I am loving the metal over the wood. They are a bit slippery but not too terrible.

Enough chatter....I must go knit!


Anonymous said...

Nifty color combo! Happy Easter!

WandaWoman said...

Yay! You know I love hearing that you cast on for a sock. Can't wait to see it in person!

Luni said...

Something must have happened to the nether regions, and animals are using odd forms of locomotion--without realizing I had company (I thought I was the only knitter who didn't knit socks) I am swatching for a sock, and may cast on soon.
The tiny needles (combined with my death grip on them) are killing me. I'm using size 0s. What are you using?

Wendy said...

Congratulations on casting on for your first pair of socks!
Be fair warned... they can be addicting!

StarSpry said...

Cool colorway! Can't wait to see your sock in person!

I want to try socks this year, too. Love the chicken/bunny photo :D

Sam said...


Anonymous said...

Well, that's terrific. Sounds like everyone is taking the sock plunge. But about gloves!!! I made my Dad gloves once and it was one of the greatest gifts ever. Also, ask me about my ear flaps for bikers helmets! They slide up the strap and keep your ears warm! My brother loved those!!!! Kel good luck with the socks, they aren't that hard once you get going. Love the color! Make a pair for Jeff, Love MOM