Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sweet Treat

The most awesome Special Swap package arrived from Marisol the other day. The theme this time around was "Sweet Treats" which is one of my very favorite subjects.

There was no shortage of candy in my box. From chocolates to taffy, Marisol pretty much covered all the bases for my sweet tooth.

One of my favorite goodies in the box was some sock yarn I have been dying to get my hands on. It is some Yarn Pirate in the colorway Sweet Lime. LOVES IT!!! Yeah if I had to pick one of their colors it would be that one. The sock yarn came with a very theme inspired pattern called "Candy Wrappers". I will be casting on for these on Sunday.

Speaking of Sweet Lime. If you have not had the new Bud Light Lime you need to run, not walk, to the nearest liquor store. It is one of our new favorites. Yes, lime beer is good.

I got some delicious Spice Cake candles. They smell wonderful!

Now we come to yet another favorite. How stinkin cute is this sock!? I am in love!

For the ultimate Sweet Treat with no fat, no calories, no taste......yummy stitch markers. These cuties will be getting lots of hang time on the needles.




Marisol said...

You are Welcome Kelly! I'm happy to see that you liked everything:)

I can hardly wait to see those candy wrappers come alive on your needles:)

That beer sounds very tempting:) I'll have to run now to the corner store wink, wink;)

WandaWoman said...

That's a great booby package and swap package! Yarn Pirate sock yarn, *swoon*. The Candy Wrapper sock pattern looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Look what happens when I take a rest on the floor for several days shutting out everything and everyone...great stuff Kelly! Love that tape measure!