Friday, July 4, 2008

Crapotis aka. Clapotis

Let's get right to the point...I HATE THIS PROJECT!!

I have wanted to knit Clapotis since published it. I have seen hundreds of pictures and drooled over each and every one of them. I have several yarns earmarked specifically for this. The problem? I HATE this project. I have since changed the name from Clapotis to CRAPotis.

I LOVE the yarn! It is Lorna's Laces - Lion and Lamb in the beautiful shade of Watercolor. So far so good. Right?

I LOVE how the colorway is knitting up! Still good. Right?

Here is a progress picture. Still good? Maybe.

Here comes the problem. After doing two repeats a certain knitter might have gotten a little cocky. I am not going to mention any names. Said knitter figured they knew the pattern and could take the "training wheels" off. After several repeats and upon reaching a certain point in the pattern I realized something was wrong. There were too many stitches on one side and I was not where I should have been. Basically if you forget to increase you are screwed!

It was at this time that horror set in and I guess it is safe to say my face looked a little something like this:

I have unknit at least 2 inches and still the stitches are not right. If the yarn wasn't so beautiful not to mention expensive I would have already backed the car over it a few times. Maybe I will take my print out of the pattern and back the car over that. That might make me feel better.

I think it might be time for a Mike's Hard Pomegranate Lemonade. Yes that sounds nice.

Rip or not to rip?...That is the question.


Sam said...

I'd be tempted not to rip... suggest taking to the girls at colourful and doing a group vote. I vetainly didn't notice anything wrong with it in your picture. (PS - it is a beautiful colour)

StarSpry said...

Oh no :( The color looks beautiful and I'd hate for you to rip it out! I agree with should get a group vote first.

Luni said...

If it is any consolation, I didn't like knitting my first clapotis. I liked knitting my second. Maybe ripping and putting it aside for a bit, then starting again would give you a new outlook.

WandaWoman said...

I loved knitting my first one. The second one was more problematic,what with continuing to run out of yarn. If your stitch count is still off, you might want to rip it back a bit further and see what it looks like, otherwise start over.

Kim said...

Oh, Kelly, I feel your pain. As I have had a clapotis on the needles--FOREVER. I hate the project too but mostly because I hate knitting scarves and every once in a while I think that I don't then I start one and remember.

I agree with Wanda. If you have the patience I'd rip back a few more rows--otherwise it's rippin' time :( Sorry--it is stunning yarn though, I'm sure you'll love the finished product.

Mom said...

Kel: Sometimes the pattern is wrong. I know that is hard to believe but it is possible. Look and see if there are any updates listed somewhere. The color looks gorgeous.
Love MOM

moo said...

Kel, I usually knit for others. And even though this sounds off point, by the looks of my home you cannot tell, but I am a pseudo pefectionist. I almost always rip out, because I know I made a mistake. But that is just me. Sometimes it does not matter, and you don't rip. The color is fab. Put it aside for a few days and maybe you will feel better. That is what I did with my Peachy (ripped at least three times!).