Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where's Waldo?

Better yet where the heck is Kelly*Girl*Knits?


I've been reading:

I've been watching movies:

I've been knitting:

Other than that life has been going by faster than I would like it to.


Kim said...

I love the Twilight series. I'm anxiously awaiting the new book next month!

Hopefully I'll see you out soon :)

nissa said...

what did you think of "eagle vs shark"? i'm a big jemaine fan!!!

also, everyone keeps trying to talk me into reading "twilight". do you like it?

Sam said...

hey Lady, hope you are well? All is crazy busy here with the kids -- off again this weekend. Will call next week when I get back. Big hugs to you, Sam

StarSpry said...

I've been wanting to read the Twilight series. The movie is coming out in August, I think.

How was Mamma Mia?

Anonymous said...

Really liked Mama Mia...well, most of it. Went to bed for a few nights with "Dancing Queen" stuck in my head. Your square looks good!

Anonymous said...

Midnight - want to read but couldn't find it in the book shop the other day! :(

Rhys Ifans is a great actor he's very funny!

Mamma Mia - I went to see it and sang along for most of the film! And quite alot of the audience appaulded at the end (eek bad spelling lol)

I wanna see Eagle vs Shark