Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Extreme Vacation

We are back from our vacation in Moab, Utah. We went there for The Land Rover National Rally. I will not bore you with a million pictures. ...just a few.

There were many long, hot days of off-roading. I was not able to get any "Extreme Knitting" done because the trails were just too crazy. Not to mention the only knitting project I brought with me was the Gumdrop Sock. Size 1 DPN's and a crazy bumpy, tippy trail don't mix. Besides you know what will happen if I have to rip out that sock again. I don't even want to think about it.

We did manage to get a crap load of Geocaching done in Moab. While out exploring we crossed paths with stink bugs, lizards, a snake, a large spider, several bees, and a shit load of annoying gnats.


Iron Needles said...

agh! I keep hearing about this geocaching of which you speak. I must be pointed in an informational direction, pleeez! I think I want to do some. (Like I need something else to add to my list of 'things I like to do')

StarSpry said...

I hope you had fun :) Did you find anything cool with your geocaching?

5elementknitr said...

What a fun trip!

Sam said...

Fantastic scenery. I look forward to hearing about your trips when you get back.