Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Man Cowl aka. Mowl

"The Cowl" craze continues!

I am currently knitting a Man Cowl for the HHBL. I like to refer to it as The Mowl (rhymes with howl) for short. He doesn't know it but this is going to be his best friend this winter. The boy did not ask for one. He probably will not wear it. I am going to knit it and quietly leave it on the passenger seat of his vehicle. I'll be at the ready with my camera in case we have any Mowl sightings.

"The Mowl"

Here are the details:

The FREE Pattern: Man (or anyone) Cowl
Yarn: Cascade 220 Paints
Colorway: Davids Eyes #9922
Needle Size 8


StarSpry said...

Very nice! I love the idea of you being sneaky with your camera for a Mowl sighting :D

Sam said...

I love the Mowl... and wish you much success capturing it in it's natural habitat!

Denise said...

How thoughtful, I bet he will love it. I like the name 'Mowl' :-) hope we get some sightings soon!

moo said...

It's made with love. I think he will wear it. Oh, the power of love. And a handknit.

Luscious Lindsay said...