Thursday, January 1, 2009

What the Weirdness!?

Dear Blogland Peeps,

I do appreciate all the letters I have received asking if I am alright. Since you have asked I will answer:

  1. No, I did not fall and hit my head really hard.

  2. YES! I am still knitting.

  3. No, I have not traded in my knitting needles for a book light.

  4. Yes I can enjoy more than one hobby at a time.

  5. NO! My stash is NOT for sale!

Sheesh a girl joins a few book challenges and all hell breaks loose!!

If there is anything that comes close to shadowing my fiber stash it is my book collection. I was a reader looooooooooong before I was a knitter.

Yours Truly,

Kelly Girl Knits and reads


Iron Needles said...

I so totally understand!

michaele said...

you just need a really good bookstand - then you can read AND knit!

Sam said...

Ha ha love it!
PS... are you sure about the stash? ;o)

Mom said...

I can vouch for the reading. As her Mother she would stay up all night just to read a book from one end to the other. Don't worry she is a multi-tasker and she will figure out how to do both and something else as well. Love Mom

Kristina Knits said...

I think I'd like to take dibs on BOTH the yarn stash and the book stash. I am sorry to hear your stash is not for sale. However, I am glad that you are multi-talented, coming from a fellow reader & knitter.

Jenny said...

I checked out your blog because you haven't been on Ravelry faving or queing anything for a while and I was worried too!! Glad to know all is well. Get together for knitting sometime after the kids go back to school next week?


Donna said...

Are you sure you don't want to sell your stash? It's so big I'm sure you won't miss a few balls.

moo said...

I went to Ex Hub's mom's estate sale today and EH's GF was nice and put aside some books from my childhood we had given to our daughter. Daughter was ready to sell the books. Here's how old they are...hardcover $1.95 for Little Bear and others that followed! I understand the reading obsession. It started about 45 years ago for me.

moo said...

Oh and love the new look!

Stephanie said...

I love to knit but just seem to have too many books to read and hardly ever knit anymore. Maybe I need to get some audio books so I can do both!

StarSpry said...

I love the response :D Glad things are going well!