Monday, December 10, 2007

Vintage Velvet Scarf

Here is another projects from the archives. Yowza!! I don't remember when I started working on this.....but it was quite a while ago. In fact this was the project I learned to cable on. The project is the Vintage Velvet Scarf from the Scarf Style book. The yarn is Muench Touch Me and the color is called Toast. Let me just say.......while I do enjoying touching this yarn. I do NOT like knitting with it. It is very slippery and wormy. Not to mention this stuff sheds like there is no tomorrow. Thirty minutes into this project my poor contacts were screaming, "UNCLE!!"

I decided to frog the scarf since I was not very far into it. I did not like how it looked either. Quite wonky if you ask me. So with the help of my cute little frog friend we got down to business.

"RIP IT RIP IT" croaked the frog.

There is nothing better than knitting in bed.

That dark blob you see there is my scarf back from the dead. I am cranking away on it. It would have been done Sunday but my poor eyes begged for a rest. I am currently on my last ball of Touch Me and hope to call this thing done by Thursday.

I will have to take pictures of it coming out of the washer. Yes, you are supposed to felt this bad boy. Not too much. Just enough to tighten up the stitches. Rumor on the street is that the scarf looks like a wet cat when it comes out of the washer. This should be interesting.


Sam said...

I love this scarf and can't wait to see it finished. I think it's going to be well worth the nose tickling, eye itching, fluff flying process.

Kriss said...

Please post a picture of one soaking wet boo boo kittie!!!