Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby Fever

I have baby fever and I got it baaaaaaad!

It could be the nicer weather rolling in (except for today) or just the fact that I am ready to be an Aunt. My sister has received several e-mails within the last week or two letting her know that anytime she is ready......she should get to it.

Here are the baby items that have been knit so far:

Baby Surprise Jacket
Yarn - Dream in Color Classy
Color - Petal Shower

Baby Beanie
Yarn - Tilli Thomas Flurries
Color - Hope

Hmmmmm can you tell what sex I am hoping for?

C'mon girl power!


Sam said...

Oooh both are lovely. I guess your sis better get busy ;)

StarSpry said...

Those are both adorable!! I hope your sister takes the hint ;)

Dr. Knitter said...

You crack me up...cannot believe you just knit an entire ensemble in pink without knowing the baby's gender!
Love both the jacket (worth copying) and the darline hat...even babies need bling!

Thanks for the nice notes on my Cherry Blossom Scarf...thanks for stopping by!