Thursday, April 3, 2008

The General

The Yarn Harlot is having a Sock Scavenger Hunt. The picture and quote below is my friend Ruth's entry for Freestyle International...

"Not realizing he was on his way to his last stand,
General Custer cast on for a new sock."

I thought this was not only very clever, but freakin hysterical!!!
I hope she wins!!


Anonymous said...

I love this one!! I went to a CW reenactment a few years ago, and Custer was... hot! I had to laugh though when midway through the battle I look to my left and Custer and Lee were watching the fight and chatting!

Thea said...

that's funny... why does it not surprise me you'd have a hilarious friend??

Anonymous said...

She would have my vote for sure!

Amanda said...

Love it! Only today I blogged that the more items I have on the go, the stronger the urge to cast on another sock!