Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Twilight" Zone

Last Friday night, the Hunka Hunka Burnin Love and I went down to the Tattered Cover for a Midnight Release Party for the fourth book in the bestselling Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

We got to watch all the screaming teeny boppers play Family Feud.

It was Vampires vs. Werewolves.


While all this was going on around us what is my man doing?

Looking at a Land Rover magazine. Shocking!

I saw guys dressed in vampire costumes. I saw girls in bridal wear, prom dresses, capes, and TONS of Team Edward and Edward Fan Club shirts.

My favorite outfit of the night goes to this girl...


She is wearing a tiny top hat. I LOVE IT!

We had a great time!


StarSpry said...

That sounds awesome! Glad you had fun :D

Sam said...

Too cute that HHBL can't escape the draw of the LR, despite crazy surroundings and goings on ;)

Michelle said...

Looks like a hoot! Love the little top hat.

Stacey said...

Looks like so much fun! I hadn't read any of those books before...but I've read the first 2 since Saturday. Ummm, yep. I'm addicted! I'm starting the 3rd one tonight, and taking the new one on a plane with me on Friday! Whoo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Don't quite get it because I haven't read any of the books, but it looks like you and your best guy had tons of fun! Great pics and I agree about the teensy topper.