Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wheezing My Way to the Top

HHBL and I decided to take his Defender 90 out for a drive so we headed up to the mountains. I found a listing for a cache that was hidden in an old quartz quarry so we decided to head there. It was on a part of the Colorado Trail. Let's just say I thought the hike getting there was not going to be too bad. I was so wrong. When all was said and done I think we had figured out that we climbed 300 feet to the top of the mountain. Guess who left their inhaler at home? Yup, that would be me the dumb ass with asthma! It was rough. Twice I was on the verge of a break down but managed to keep going. We rested several times and drank lots of water. Once it leveled out towards the top I was ok.

You can see our destination through the trees.

After all the hard work of getting up there we could not find the cache. We were really disappointed. I swore I was NEVER going to attempt this one again. The next morning I woke up and informed HHBL that I would wait until the fall so the weather would be cooler and we were going back up there. I am no quitter!

We did manage to come home with some great pieces of quartz.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I would ask HHBL to pat you on the back and then some...