Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Baby Got Back

*Artwork by Dawn Tarr - www.dawntarr.com*

So after a rough summer at work and all the food inspired holidays I have joined Weight Watchers for the third time. Because not only do I have junk in the trunk.........people I am pulling a trailer!! Holy big booty batman!! I heard someone say the other day that spring is only a few weeks away. Spring? Spring!! The season that makes you shed all the layers you have been hiding under all winter long and expose yourself. ICK!!!

So all the junk has been cleared from the pantry. Salty chips have been replaced with fruit and 100 calorie snack packs (those things are a godsend). The spot where my friends Ben & Jerry used to take up residence in the freezer is now vacant and for rent. My good friend caffeine threw me a going away party. It lasted three days. Three days of sheer intense pain from withdrawals of coffee, soda, and chocolate. Damn you Caffeine!!!

So when you see me power walking down the street feel free to honk and wave. Maybe even give a thumbs up. A few cat calls would sure be nice as well. Just don't throw food. That wouldn't be good.

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight,

because by then your body and your fat

are really good friends.

~Author Unknown


Sam said...

Love the artwork.
You are going to do awesome... they'll be wolf whistling for sure!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! :)

WandaWoman said...

Way to go! ::wolf whistles and cattle calls::

Kriss said...

Picture me doing Tony Little voice "You Can Do It!!" You are the one who told me about Hungry Girl and that is my godsend. Weight Watchers will never do you dirty!!

StarSpry said...

You can do it! You'll be getting cat calls in no time :)