Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rock'em Sock'em

After a loooooong night of playing Candy Land with a 3 year old and a 5 year old, I returned home to find a package with my name on it. After seeing who it was from there was loud squealing and several moments of dancing. The package was from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The contents? Oh just some kick ass stuff that comes to you when you sign up for........

Rockin' Sock Club 2008!!!!

and now for the........Eye Candy

The colorway is called "Dragon Dance" and it is awesome!!!! Oh and dance I did when I saw that little beauty. The colors are them!! I also got two buttons. One says, "Got Gauge?" and the other says, "Swatch Me". The wrapper on the cute little mini skein says it's emergency sock yarn and that you should never leave home without it. Super cute!! I can't tell you what's in the binder because it is top secret. Not really. It's notes from the dyer and lots of other cool info. Plus the sock pattern that comes with the super awesome yarn. I am not going to show that until I start working on it. I can just hear the moaning and groaning already. Patience people.........patience!

Ok must go and fondle the yarn some more. MMmmmmmmmm yarn.


Kim said...

Oooooo--that is gorgeous and I bet it looks even better in person! Now you really need to crank out a pair of socks :)

Sam said...

Love it! What a fab package of goodies. Great colour. and I think the little emergency skein is too cute!

StarSpry said...

Very cool! I love the color :D