Monday, January 21, 2008

Start of the Tour

The tour officially began today but not where we had hoped. We were supposed to be in Estes Park but the weather was foggy, cold, and snowy. Not a good combination. So we decided to stay close to home. We still managed to hit four local stores. Two of which we had never set foot in.

Our first stop was at Yarn Arts in Parker. This was one of the shops we had never been in before. We were told we were not allowed to take I have none to show. Oh well. Trust me......your NOT missing anything.

The skein I purchased is from a local alpaca farm.

From there we headed down the road to The Knitting Habitat in Aurora. This was also a new shop for us. First impression upon opening the door....AWESOME!!!. I highly recommend stopping in and checking them out.

I purchased the pattern to make the cute slippers above. The skein of yarn I grabbed from here is Colinette Skye in the Summer Berries colorway.

From there we headed on down to one we usually shop in.....Colorful Yarns in Centennial. They are open on a Monday so we decided that was good enough for us. I have nothing but good things to say about this shop. It's on my list of favorites. The selection and service here is outstanding!! This is another one I highly recommend stopping in if your in the neighborhood.

The skein I got from Colorful Yarns is one of my favorites so far. It is Fleece Artist Sea Wool. I don't know the color but I am calling it Chocolate Cherry Jubilee. Mmmmmmm. I also grabbed two new books by Erika Knight.

Then it was on to our last shop for the day. We headed on over to String, A Knitting Boutique in Highlands Ranch. I have only shopped there two times. The unique thing about this store is that they display their yarns by color. They also have a large sale area with some really good finds.

The skein I got from here is Noro Kureyon. I also managed to grab a skein of Unikat to add to my personal stash. The colorway does not have a name but it is gorgeous!! I also grabbed a go knit pouch. Sam has one and for some reason I always think of stealing it when I see it. LOL!! Now I have my own.

Overall the day was a huge success. We were able to get a skein from each shop. I think the toughest part is choosing a color scheme. I seem to be leaning towards berry colors. I am thinking shades of reds, purples, blues, and some browns thrown in for good measure. I do have to say after seeing the Unikat skein I wish I had seen that first and then picked my colors based on that. It has sea foam, copper, chocolate brown, dark green, and yellow.

End of the Day Haul!


Sam said...

oooohhhhhh purdy... very, very purdy. Especially the chocolate cherrie jubilee. Yum, yum, yum!

WandaWoman said...

Looks like a good haul. Too bad about the yarn store in Parker. I guess I won't check it out. Still haven't been to Knitting Habitat, guess I'll have to go by there sometime.

StarSpry said...

Great haul! Sounds like a fun day :)

What a shame the yarn store in Parker didn't allow photos. Craziness!!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a great day! I haven't made it over to Yarn Arts yet. Glad to hear the review. How weird that they didn't want photos!
I haven't made it to Habitat in ages (silly since it's really close to where I live) but the times I have been I was impressed too. They were still new when I stopped there. I really need to get back and see how they've stocked up.
That's awesome you got a picture of the baby at String. I assume it's the owners. I haven't seen any pictures. Cute! I think it's pretty how they had yarn arranged but I used to get so frustrated when I wanted to make a project in a certain yarn since you couldn't readily tell if they had it in the color I wanted.
And of course I agree about Colorful being a great place. :D
The yarns you picked up are beautiful. I can't wait to see what you decide to make.