Thursday, January 3, 2008

The One With Ross's Teeth

Today I was reminded of a favorite Friends episode.

It is episode #6.08 and is titled,

"The One With Ross's Teeth"

One night a year we have a silent auction at the pre-school. I just happened to win the auction to get my teeth whitened. I happily went and used my gift certificate today. do not just walk in the office and have them zap your teeth beautiful so you can walk out twenty minutes later. No. No you don't. It is a three....yes I said THREE hour process. If you can not sit for long periods of time with your mouth strapped open......stuffed full of crap then I do not recommend this to you. It was a lesson in patience today my friends. Twice I had to silently talk myself out of panic attacks. Oh yeah and I had to pee really really bad. Did I mention that it took three hours? I laid there and giggled to myself thinking about the episode of Friends when Ross leaves the bleaching gel on his teeth longer than called for. Then it wasn't so funny anymore when I wondered if my teeth would later float about the room like a beacon when I turned off the light. Then it became funny again because I thought what if they do glow in the dark? Cooooool. Well all is said and done and nobody told me how sensitive my teeth would be afterwards. I was fine earlier but now my teeth are screaming. It is like tiny sticks of dynamite are going off in each tooth. Would I do this again? NO!! Do my teeth look nice? HELL YES!!!!

Ahhhhhhh the price of beauty.


WandaWoman said...

For Pete's sake, woman, did u carry knitting with you? You should have!!

Magatha said...

Isn't it awful? And yet every movie star and TV personality you see has had to sit there and do that same thing. I like to imagine Angelia Jolie with the clamps of doom spreading that huge mouth to even more grotesque hugeness as she waits for her teeth to brighten up. ;-)

Terri Lynn said...

I gotta say, I don't think this is a thing that sounds right. I am laughing though, you put it so funny!

StarSpry said...

You're so funny! I hope your teeth are feeling better :)

Kriss said...

#1 - Where are the new teeth? Post a picture! Keith and I want to do it for the wedding!
#2 - One of my top 5 Friends episodes

Michelle said...

Yowza! Three hours! I bet they look great though.