Monday, January 7, 2008

Sticks N' Stitches

On Saturday I went with some friends to the Sticks N' Stitches hockey game down at the Pepsi Center. The Colorado Avalanche (our new home team) were playing the New York Islanders (our old home team). Since jeff and I are both from Long Island I felt it only fitting that we go and cheer the boys on. Not too loudly though as we didn't want to get our asses kicked afterwards. The game was tied 1 - 1 so we had to go into overtime. Just a few minutes in the Avalanche scored thus winning the game. BOOOOO!!! I mean YAY!!!

Here we are knitting at the game.

This little project has seen more action in the last two weeks
than it has in the last three years.

We got to meet a knitting celebrity!!

The very sweet and talented Sandi Wiseheart was sitting two seats down from us.

We LOVE her!!

Last but not least. Here I am with my hunka hunka burnin love.


Michelle said...

Awesome! That looks like it was a hoot.

Anonymous said...

were there any good fights? usually the NY teams offer up some good fights. I love hockey. Nat and i are going to see the blackhawks play the Edmonton Oilers in March, because he beloved Philly FLyers don't play anyone over here this year.

we also enjoyed watching the winter classic on new year's day!

Susana Minna said...

Me encanta tu blog... Mira el mio, ojala te guste, y asi podamos compartir ideas...

Saludos Susana Minna

WandaWoman said...

Cute hubby!

StarSpry said...

How fun!!

I see that your pictures are on the new Knitting Daily email! Now you're a celebrity, too :D

Anonymous said...


It's Kathy in Houston. I know I owe you an email. But I couldn't wait to tell you...I just saw your picture all over Knitting Daily. Now you are a world-famous knitter!

Judy said...

I was in the last row of the section but did not see you, darn!

Anonymous said...

BTW, your teeth look great!

KatR in Houston

Kriss said...

Woah let me bust out those old Islander autographs we got from Denis Potvin and Bobby Nystrom at Genovese. Yes my memory is REDICK!!!! I am LOVING the teeth! Worth the pain! Did they tell you no wine or coffee now? If so....FORGETABOUTIT.