Saturday, November 3, 2007


Ladies and Gents get your Noro lovin' butts on over to Minxknits to sign yourselves up for Norovember! This is a knit-a-long that has only one rule: use Noro yarns! Knit what you like, at your own pace, but you must use Noro yarn. I am going to be knitting The Einstein Coat by Sally Melville using $$Kochoran$$.......Yes the dollar signs are a plenty. However, I have seen the coat knit up in this and it was Fabulous with a capital "F"!


S. said...

I am really looking forward how this project will turn out! The yarn looks faboulous. Have I started a coat trend? ;-)

Sam said...

This is going to look stunning. I can't wait to see your progress/

Michelle said...

That is going to be gorgeous. I love Kochoran. I can't wait to see how it's coming along.