Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Passing of the Torch

What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life - to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.
~George Eliot

It is safe to say that I come from a family of knitters. My grandmother (Nanny) knit, my mother knits, and I knit. A few weeks ago a box arrived for me from my mother. I had been waiting for it to come. My Nanny's eyesight is failing her so she is no longer able to do some of the things she used to love. Knitting being one of those things. My mom thought I would want to have some of her knitting supplies. I remember when I had started knitting, my Nanny called me on the phone because my mother had told her I had taken up the family hobby. She sounded excited that I had taken such a liking to it. She told me that she had always enjoyed knitting and that her best advice was to stay away from socks because.....and I quote "they are a real pain in the ass!" I totally agree. I opened the box and smiled at all the fun things inside. I wondered how many stitches had danced over the needles through out the years? How many projects had been frogged? On and on the questions flew. Some double pointed needles even had the paint worn off the ends. I assumed those were the worker bees of the group!!

The box is sitting in my knitting room along with my own supplies. I am going to have to think of a way to creatively display the items. When I do I will post more pics.

Below are pictures of the box and some of the fun things inside.


Michelle said...

How great is that! I was surprised to discover the last time I visited my Mom that she knits. She never did that I can recall when I was growing up but she has taken it back up recently. It's fun to know that we both do something like that.
Your grans comment about socks made me laugh out loud. I heartily agree.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhh,that brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful memory to have of your Grandmother! It would be fun to do some sort of shadow box of some of the needles for your knitting room! :)

Thea said...

My Grandma Pearl was the family knitter, and although she died before knowing that I knit, I think of her often when going at it. Such a cool bond between generations. Unfortunately, her stuff is looong gone, and my Dad way to clueless to even think of giving any to me. Enjoy while you knit away. But on the same topic, I do have a pair of those cool retro needles on the same paper backing - it came from my friend Ann's mother's stash - they are soooo 6os!

mom said...

Ladies: Yes , I am the proud mother of this blogger. Many times when she was young I would be knitting and her and her sister knew that they could do almost anything because I would not want to get up and put the knitting down. I was disappointed that Kel and her sister didn't want to knit when they were young and shocked to find out years and years later that Kel is as fanatical about knitting as I am. Each generation gets bolder and bolder and she has proven that theory. I have been knitting since I was 13 and have made thousands of things. Still at it stash and all! In fact last time she visited I shared some of that stash (gorgeous white mohair) with her. Some day she will have even more heirlooms as I give her so many of my old needles. We opt for the newer models but can't part with the old ones!!! What a great way for you all to communicate about our "passion". Keep those needles clicking away!!!

StarSpry said...

What a great package to receive!

My mom used to knit, but last year she gave me most of her old needles. She and my dad have retired and are living & traveling around in a motorhome and she doesn't have as much room for all her stuff!