Saturday, February 23, 2008

Friends of "P" Swap

Friday I arrived home to find an awesome swap package from a mystery person. Although if I didn't know better I would swear that this person was a very close friend. The only thing I know as of right now is that the package is from Virginia.

Let's get down to business.....

I got some freakin awesome goodies!!! I got some fabulous mermaid drink markers. I love me some mermaids!! I got the cutest rubber ducky in sheeps clothing. That is going right up to my yarn room with the rest of my sheep collectibles. I got a coin pouch that says..."penny for your thoughts" and has a cute giraffe on it. I got some yummy......fruit stripe gum and milk n' honey candies. A very funny Lip Pop Lollypop.....I will have to model that for you. A very cool pet tarantula gummi candy. A cow that poops piles of candy. LOVE THAT!!! A bar of the most wonderful smelling handmade soap. A kick ass knitting needle case from Splityarn in the most amazing shades of blue.

I also got some crack. Ok, what I can only assume to be crack disguised as "Crab Town Nuts" Have you heard of these things? Dear God I can't stop eating them! The can describes the little bits of crack......I mean Virginia Peanuts with Chesapeake Bay Style Seasoning.......aka crack cocaine. LOL!!! Dear mystery person, please expect some money to be coming your way. I will need you to send a case of "Crab Town Nuts" my way.....asap!

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StarSpry said...

You got some great goodies in the mail!! Mmmmm...fruit stripe gum :D

Love that skull coin purse, too!!