Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Fellow Americans

A new hat was thrown in the ring today in the race for president. Dolores the Sheep has announced that her name will be added to the ballot under a newly formed party called Fibertarians. There is no question who I am voting for now.

What can Dolores do for you? Please read below and than ask what can't she do!?

This was a statement to the press:

"Now, my campaign promises. Unlike the other candidates, I readily admit that I'm in this for the bling. Free travel by private jet, a huge expense account, my own office, and a posse of humpy bodyguards in suits and dark glasses? Betcherass. So just tell me what you want, and I'll want that, too.Let's get the ball of yarn rolling with a few suggestions collected by my press secretary, Harry.

  • Elizabeth Zimmermann's birthday will be declared a national holiday.
  • All fiber-related purchases will be fully tax-deductible.
  • Knitting will become a mandatory subject in American public schools.
  • Government subsidies for the establishment of independent yarn shops in high-need areas.


To get more information about our beloved Dolores please visit her creators site by clicking here.