Saturday, February 23, 2008

Miss Popular

There is nothing better than coming home from work to a mailbox full of goodies.

My friend Bridget sent me this AWESOME coin purse and the most delicious yarn. Soft, doesn't come close to describing this stuff. It is 70% cashmere (mmmmmmm...yummy) and 30% silk. Fabulous!

This fabric came to me all the way from Australia. If you have never heard of Aunty Cookie or seen any of the wonderful things in their Etsy store......I encourage you to run there immediately.

Then I got two Piddly bags from the fabulous ladies over at Piddleloop. Cupcakes and some cute sheep. This is another shop on Etsy. I highly recommend these bags. Be careful though......they are highly addicting. Like potato can't have just one.


Stacey said...

I love your piddly bags! I'd love to see the sheepie one in person:) Fun stuff!

Sam said...

The fabric is awesome! (especially the little knitter girl on it).

Love the sheep Piddly bag ;o)

Emily said...

I love the cupcake one. :)

nissa said...

we bought the same bags!