Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Do Not Adjust Your Moniters

I apologize for the terrible picture. This is one of those projects I pulled from the archives and had to blow the dust off. The poor thing has not seen the light of day in....Gasp!.....a year. So it was no surprise that it tried to make a run for it when the flash of my camera went off.

Many apologies later and several comments like, "Yes, I do love your colors." and "I never said that Rowan sweater was more important than you"........I managed to sweet talk it out from it's hiding spot under the couch.

This project was supposed to be for last October. It is a mystery even to me as to what image will appear once it is finished. I think it was a witch, or a cat, or a cauldron. Maybe all three. Anyway I am adding this to my list of October projects that need to be finished.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Love those projects that are half finished and then you resurect them from hiding! Have fun! Love Mom