Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pretty Woman is a Knitter

These pictures were published in People magazine and knitters everywhere went wild. There was mass hysteria in the yarn shops. Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky flew off the shelves. There was a mad rush for novelty yarns. There was fighting in the streets!! The last time I saw chaos like this was when Tickle Me Elmo hit the shelves that one year for Christmas. OK I am totally exaggerating. I do know several people who went ga-ga over the bag we have come to know as........"The Julia Roberts Bag." Real original huh? I think these pictures were published a year or two ago. So please do not run to your local bookstore or super market to buy the current issue of People magazine. I don't think a true pattern was ever revealed. Everything I saw about it said it was "her own pattern."

Here is my "Julia Roberts Bag" I made for my friend Jamie. I still need to sew the handles on it and then figure out a way to get some silk flowers to be stuck to the front of it. I may have to get really creative with this one. Any suggestions? If so drop me a line.

Here is what I used for my "Julia Roberts Bag": The Fiber Trends Fabulous Felt Totes pattern. I did the largest size. Brown Sheep Lambs Pride Bulky in yup you guessed it......Lemon Drop. The fuzzyness around the top was doubled Trendsetter Crisantemo in Purple Peacock. I used Trendsetter Joy here and there so I would have some fun yarn sticking out. I also used a ladder yarn and some Fizz.

When I am done with it I am going to find a black overcoat, some big dark shades, and pose with my bag Miss Julia Roberts style!


Mary Lynn said...

Have you thought about knitting the flowers for the bag . . . something from the Noni bag line?

Michelle said...

That's really nice! Do you already have the flowers? And do they have wire stems? I was thinking you might be able to poke them through the knitted fabric and then make a knot with the stems. They'd stay put for certain, and if you line the bag you'd never have them get undone or snagged on stuff inside the bag.

Kriss said...

Hi Sis,
I am not sure if you are aware, but Julia and I share the same B-day and I LOVE HER. I also LOVE this bag and you did an AMAZING job!!

elan said...

Her flowers look like ones I've seen in accessories shops & they were brooches with pins on the back

Corwink said...

Fellow Knitters,
Thank you so much for your suggestions for the flowers. I love the idea about finding or creating flowers that have a pin on the back. Even more so I am in love with the idea that I can then change them out. WOOHOOO!!

Liz said...

Wow, your bag is great! You should write the pattern and the yarns up so we can all have a go!

Knitting Diva said...

I can hardly wait to see your Julia Bag! Simply put, it is Fabulous!! I plan to make a "Knock Off" too. I know you used the Lambs Pride Bulky but did you double the yarn? I have ordered my pattern and realize the bag is large and would like the bag to have some structure.