Saturday, October 27, 2007

Potty Talk

I found Mr. Toilet Paper while surfing around Ravelry.

My first thought was......who the hell would knit that!?!?

I resisted....really I did.

I just kept looking at that little face and then finally I said.....

"OH FINE!!!!"

No that's not true. While I would not waste yarn on this, I did think it was rather funny. I was in dire need of some potty humor today and it came in the form of Mr. Toilet Paper Scarf.

The pattern is a free pattern on Mochimochi's Blog.

Don't laugh.....for if you just might receive one of these for
(insert your holiday of choice).


StarSpry said...

Too funny! I saw this on Mochimochi's Blog recently. She has some really cute ideas!

Michelle said...

Holy crap that is freaking hilarious! Where do you find this stuff??

Kriss said...

Do you wear this scarf? I think it is HYSTERICAL!!!