Monday, October 1, 2007

Glutton for Punishment

Oops I did it again..........I went and joined another mystery knitalong. I said I would never do another mystery project after flunking out of Mystery Stole 3. However this one drew me in and whispered "but I am a Halloween project." That pretty much killed me right there. I am such a sucker for a holiday centered around CANDY and all things SCARY. I went right over and signed myself up for the Halloween Mystery Shawl. I am using ebony JaggerSpun Zephyr with some sort of purple beads. I have not purchased the purple beads yet, but that was the color that jumped into my head when I read that beads would be used.

Oh and how perfect is this!?.......I was in Old Navy last week and they had these cute trick or treat bags.......well I just had to have one to hold my new Halloween themed project.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect Holloween project bag!