Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Knit Faster

"Knit Faster" she said. Remind me never to listen to the inner voices.....for they are stupid!! Let me explain. On my lunch break I sit in my car and knit. I am still working on my Turtleneck Shrug by Teva Durham. We are slowly making progress. Slowly is the key word here. Why? Because this whole damn thing is done in ribbing. I am not fond of the ribbing. I don't mind a bit of it here and there BUT when the entire project is ribbing.......I am not a happy girl. It would not surprise me a bit if I were to wake up one of these mornings in a cold sweat screaming, "Knit 3...Purl 3" So today I sit in my car and knit. I am in the zone. I am movin and groovin. When it happens.....I look at the clock and realize I only have four more minutes. Then clear as day I heard the inner voice. It said "Knit Faster." I checked to see where I was in my round and said...."Yes!! I must knit faster!" My hands were going at warp speed and then, WARNING!!! DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!! Stitches flew through the air. I watched them do it in slow motion. Matrix style if you will. I sat there too stunned to move. Normally, I have a nice stash of curse words ready to fly on a moments notice. This time, I had nothing. I just sat stunned and stared. The clock ticked away what was left of my break. I tried very carefully to grab the stitches and wrestle them onto the needle. I managed to get all but one.

We have both agreed it is best if we go our separate ways for the night.


StarSpry said...

Oh no! I hope the separation helped you get that last stitch back on the needle :)

Michelle said...

AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! I hate it when that happens. You are actually making great progress on that. It wasn't even an inch long when I saw it before.

Mom said...

This looks really good. The Mystery Shawl sounds very interesting, I hope you like it when you get the pattern.
Love MOM