Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

I came home from work today and there were two packages waiting for me. It's always fun to come home to goodies at the door.

One of the packages was from my FiberFlix partner Jennifer aka Craftylilly. I could barely contain myself as I ripped open the package.

She totally SPOILED ME!!!!

Inside the package was a perfect size (and color) tote bag. I love the Sugar Pops card. The fabulous goodies inside the tote bag have the perfect makings for a scary movie knit night. Yahoooooo!!! OK let's start off with the movie: One of my very favorite movies of all time......Friday the 13th. This was the classic movie that made you afraid to go to sleep away camp thanks to my man Jason Voorhees. No movie night would be complete without some snacks......Jujyfruits and Raisinets. YUM!!!! Ah yes, I see you looking at my new yarn. This my friends is some awesome sock yarn from the etsy shop of Razzy Tazzy. The name of the colorway..........Jack Lantern. LOVES IT!!!

Last but not least.....I got some AWESOME stitch markers.
Jennifer made them. I am in awe.
I can't wait to use them....they are perfect!!!



Jennifer said...

Yay! I'm glad the package made it and that you like everything. I hope you have a very scary Halloween with the treats!

Mom said...

Wow! what a nice gift. Looks like you will have a fun movie night. I hate scary movies so I knit through all those suspenseful flicks. have fun!!!
Love MOM

Kriss said...

Ahh Friday The 13th.. I remember it well you and Alice Coleman had a sleepover party and forced me to watch it with you. You also watched another movie that night called Funhouse. The tag line was "Carnival of Terror. Pay to get in, Pray to GET OUT!!!"
Both of them scared the living daylights out of me and to this day I HATE SCARY MOVIES!!! However, I remember this was the night you fell in LOVE with them!!